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March has been a bit of a hard month. It's been long and stressful to a certain degree. I've been switching my schedule around about every week for one thing or another. My mother had to have cataract surgery done in both eyes, one of my tires went completely flat, an issue with ordering from a restaurant still hasn't been resolved almost a month later, and my department is moving buildings. This last one is probably the biggest because it requires not only the physical move but also a new wardrobe as well as coloring my hair back to something that passes as "natural" instead of green.

The moving process was done today. I wasn't there. I work the late shift so my boss suggested I just take today off and work next Wednesday instead. We have a weirdly running pay week. I had to say my goodbyes to a building and people I have worked with Wednesday night. Over five years. I spent over five years in one building save for some projects here and there. I worked with some people for that entire duration of time. I had to say goodbye to that building, to those people on Wednesday. A number of them are not people that I hang out with outside of work. They are work friends, work family. It feels like I will never see them again. That opens a hole up in my chest.

And there are things that a friend mentioned to me that I don't know what to make of, which always bothers me.


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