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After my cleaning spree (bathroom, dusting, vacuuming, general tidying up), my dad was all, "Let's go to the fair." So I went. And, as usual, was rather unimpressed. I spent most of the night at the Blueriver booth taking to Wilbur and Jim. I had a corn dog, a funnel cake and some ice cream. Spent most of the night wandering around alone because Dad forgot to mention that he had invited Renee to come with us and, well, five hours on a Saturday is more than enough "let's pretend you never threw a cake at my father, never said insane things to my boyfriend, never said insane things to my father, never said all of this behind my back and then smiled at my face, never said insane things about me to other people like my father most of which implied that I had been raised wrong, never got to the point where my father took away your key because you were being such an unholy bitch" for one day. Even if both my father and her want to pretend like none of what happened about a year ago actually ever happened. WTF-ever.

Anyway, that didn't leave me in the best of moods so I got nothing done when I came home.

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The boss is out of the office. I'm caught up on work for the most part. I could be posting. I could be knocking my somewhat small list down to the ground and being productive.

But this smegging back pain is being an evil bitch. And the Aleve I took this morning (just one because I'm an idiot) is doing less than nothing. It's like the pain looked at it, snorted and then pwned it. Utterly.


Perhaps I'll attempt to post some stuff, but it might end up being crap.
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So Dale might not be back next week.

I'm not positive about this.

Craig just said that Dale's uncle told him that Dale didn't leave for California until, like, Saturday. *head desks*

Good job telling us there, bucko.

Another fucking week of this, then.

I am so not coming in tomorrow. I don't care. I can't do it. I'm exhausted, I'm stressed out, and I'm apathetic to the point where the world could catch on fire and I would not care.

I'm going to attempt to catch up on RP tonight and tomorrow because I'm gonna be gone this weekend. Mother's Day and all.

If I slack off or suck, I'm so sorry. I promise I'll be back to myself, well, I don't know when, but it'll happen.
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I have a terrible, terrible headache.

I'm not sure what's causing it, but I think it's a combination of the idiot IM conversation and some weird scent that got on me. Which is odd as I put Dirty on today, which never bothers me, and yet I smell some kinda strong floral. Crazy chemistry.

So I'm gonna be slow posting anything other than bitching until this goes away.
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I e-mailed DC about the delivery of my LSH comics (or really the lack thereof) on the 29th of April. I received a reply from them on the 1st of May stating that they needed my full address in order to locate my account and answer my question of, "Where the hell are my comic books?" I replied to them that day giving them the information they asked for and letting them know that the number they were providing me "for faster service" I'd only even gotten answering machines at.

It is the 5th, and I have not received any word from them. I just got off the phone after trying to call their 1-800 customer service number. This time I didn't even get an answering machine. It just rang and rang and rang.


Take my money and I get sporadic delivery if any delivery at all.

Alrighty. Time for another e-mail with the other e-mails attached to it.

I could probably report them to the Better Business Bureau or something like that only I have no idea how to do it.
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Why do I already have a headache?

I rarely get headaches.

*ponders* Perhaps I need new glasses. I've had these for, um, four years now? Something. I got them in like January of my junior year of college so, yeah, four years. It's possible my eyes have changed slightly and the lack of a current prescription is giving me headaches.


I don't have vision insurance. I guess I can put it on my credit card. Which I had almost gotten all paid off.


Bloody hell.
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So tired. So very tired.

Dale had told us he was going to take two weeks in May off so he and his grandfather could go somewhere. He never gave us a date, though so I figured there'd be some, y'know, warning.

Came in today to discover that Dale is gone. Taking his two weeks this and next week with neither a "Do you mind" or a "This is what I'm in the middle of." I'm hoping there's not a lot that falls into the "Middle of" category because this is liable going to be stressful enough without trying to pick things up in the absolute middle.

So if I'm slow or snappish or overly emotional, that's why.

Oh, god, I should probably come in for both the Fridays he'll be gone. Don't wanna.
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Sometimes I like to make lists to check things off.

Sometimes I like to make lists of things that suck so I don't have to rant about each one individually to the umpteen million people gracing my buddy list these days. This is one such list.

  • Canker sore. Although this one is less painful than some in the past. I usually get them when I'm a klutz and bang my toothbrush into my gums hard enough to break the skin or bite through some of the flesh in my mouth. Which explains why this one is below my tooth line. Thankfully it's in a space where things don't nag at it all day long, and I bought some of that oral anesthetic so that when it does get bad I don't just make you all hate me with a fiery passion as I whine about it.
  • Car. Why, oh why, is there always something going on with my car? Now it's the tires. I know at least one of them has a slow leak. Hell, all four of them might, but I'm not sure. Only I'm paranoid enough that when Dad and I take it to the tire place Friday I'm gonna ask them to check all four tires just in case. Because otherwise I'll be worrying about it every hour of every day. Sitting around going, "Are my tires slowly deflating even as I sit here typing up this post? OMG. What if they go flat? What if all the air places in town run out of air, and I have to drive home on the rims? What if I fill the tires too full and they explode?" I'm not exaggerating. This is how my mind works.
  • Ring. This is a minor annoyance, but it's gonna bug me all day. [livejournal.com profile] timberwolfblues got me a ring as my 20th birthday/2 year anniversary present. I wear it on the ring finger of my right hand because it is not an engagement ring. I have worn it religiously for almost four years now (as our 6 year anniversary is this November and how fucking weird is that? Let's just examine this a moment because sudden realizations sometimes blow my mind. I'll be 24 in October. I'll have been with the bf six years in November. This is 1/4 of my life, people. A whole fourth. Is that boogling anybody's mind but mine?) Anyway, yes, today I forgot to put on said ring, which is going to drive me nuts all day.
  • DC. Grr. Argh. Monthly comic subscription should mean monthly comic delivery. I paid you guys money for copies of LSH to be delivered to my house, and you guys suck at it. Last year we missed issue number three, which I eventually had to rebuy because you never sent it. This time around, even though I sent my subscription renewal in well before my old one ran out, you missed sending me number thirteen. I got fourteen. And that's the last one I've gotten. Send me my comics or refund my money, even though I'm too damn lazy to really get on your ass because I haven't been keeping notes and things like I should. But I have the cleared check statement and I know how many comics I've got versus how many I paid for.

And I think that's actually all I have right now. Okay, time to get some work done and try to post around answering phones and looking up prices and making topo maps. Isn't my life fun?
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I am, once again, feeling slightly unwell.

Nothing like the immensely annoying buggery that was Saturday but an uncharacteristic icky feeling that makes me wish I didn't have to work today because otherwise I'd go home, crawl into my bed, drink tea and watch Six Feet Under all day.

So I'm likely to be slow and perhaps a little bit snappish.

Plus I'm tired. I shouldn't be. I fell asleep around 10:30pm and got up at 8am. That's more than enough sleep. Hell, that's likely too much damn sleep, but considering the problems I was having sleeping last week maybe it's all trying to even itself out.

I'm rambling.


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