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Jul. 6th, 2009 11:29 am
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My BPAL weakness has always been the Mad Tea Party section because Alice in Wonderland is one of those books from my childhood that I read and read and read again. It sticks inside me and always echoes around in that way that makes me awe struck and ache and smile. (Some of the others are The Little Prince, The Hobbit and The Happy Prince and Other Tales to name a few.)

Bottles I'm going to need another of soon:

The Dormouse: )

Scents I need to try:

The Knave of Hearts: )

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat: )

Imperious Tiger Lily: )

High-Strung Daises: )

Brusque Violet: )

I need to raid the multiple Neil Gaiman themed sections for some scents, too.

Spider: )

The Lady on the Grey: )

The Macabray: )

Jasmine Cottage: )

Madame Tracy: )

The East: )

Fairy Market: )

Lady Una: )

Victoria: )

Yvaine )

Argh. I have now opened this can of worms and may as well continue.

From Illyria:

Helena: )

Hermia )

Ars Draconis:

Dragon's Milk: )


London: )

Mag Mell: )

Manhattan: )

Moscow: )

Prague: )

Rappaccini's Garden:

Black Lily: )

The Lotus Tree: )

Shadow Witch Orchid: )

Sundew: )


Hi'iaka: )

Nuit: )


The Rose: )

Prunella: )

And I'm stopping for the moment. I haven't even gotten through Bewitching Brews, Ars Moriendi, Sin and Salvation, Ars Amatoria, Diabolus or Varnaval Diabolique yet. Oy.
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Oooooooh. &hearts

Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] luckystar37! The imps and frimps arrived today. What a lovely present to find on a snowed in day.



Jan. 25th, 2008 10:31 am
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Got my Yule scents order, which I placed, um, I'm not sure but I know it was earlier this month. That crazy fast turn around time compared to a couple years ago.

Anyway, I got 5mls of:
Christmas Rose
Egg Nog
The Fruit of Paradise
The Snow Storm

I got a nice assortment of imps, too, but I've already divided them into save and leave piles so I won't be able to enumerate them here.

I need to move some oil. I need to go through what I've got and see what can leave. Look for that post this weekend.
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I haven't bought any BPAL for a long time. I still have a lot of imps I haven't tried/need to get rid of/need to wear. But some of these winter scents sound to die for.

These are the ones I'm thinking about:

Archangel Winter
Christmas Rose
Egg Nog `07
The Fruit of Paradise
Snow Storm

If you've tried any of these, let me know what you think?
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I might need to make a BPAL order as I sorta want to have a bottle of Vampire Tears (Regret born from ceaseless longing: wisteria, white grapefruit, neroli, green tea, jasmine, white ginger, honeysuckle, iris, and tonka.) as well as a few other LEs currently out there.

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I managed to get the hole in my right ear open so now I'm wearing earrings. Yay. I'm also wearing my Gir earrings because they're too cute. And I smell divine because I broke out my bottle of Titania, which is heavenly. I forgot how much I love this scent.

I have some running to do and later tonight is the concert.

Tomorrow I'm spending time with Mom.

Posting should happen tomorrow or Monday.
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Want list from BPAL recent update:

listy: )
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Current BPAL wishlist below the cut because I haven't bought any/wanted any for awhile but there are some new scents out there that I find interesting.

cut: )
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BPAL to go bye-bye:

Scents Under Cut )


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