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I went to clear the cookies in my Netscape on the work comp to see if that would fix why EU wouldn't load properly. Instead, I ended up breaking Netscape to the point that the smegging thing won't even load. So I've redownloaded Firefox, which would not work on this comp for the longest time. It's doing fine now. I've just lost all my saved passcards and bookmarks and crap.

Grrr. I'll work on fixing Netscape later tonight and just deal with Firefox today because it's too much of a hassle and my head really hurts.
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In other news, this is not the day I need to be calling UE about sending me my transcripts since Elm no longer recognizes my student number.

I so want to kill something. In a very painful and violent and messy way.

I'm shaking I'm so fucking mad.
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April Fools is over! April Fools is way the fuck over so all of this can fucking stop now.

Go to come to work and Main Street is closed. Well, okay, alright. I can find a way around it. I do a lap around a block trying to figure out a way to park. It's really not possible for me to pull into the parking spot I use coming from the other direction so I decide to go back home and walk to work. Easier, right?


The car dies. The motherfucking, son of a goddamn bitch, stroppy, smegging car dies.

In the middle of the road.

I turn the blinkers on, try not to panic or walk outside and set the thing on fire.

I call my da. I try to start it easing down on the gas as per his suggestions.

Not a fucking thing.

Finally, it starts. I pull it off the side of the road but into a spot that is not a parking spot.

I wait, blinkers on.

Da shows up. I tell him to put it wherever the hell he wants because I'm not driving it again.

I walk across the street and come to work.


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Oh, god goddamn.

Here I am. Up at an insane hour in the morning on my day off because it may very well not actually be my day off today. Dale was out Wednesday and Thursday. I tried to call him last night to see if he'd been in and no answer. So I hauled my ass out of bed to call the store this morning. Just tried. Fucking answering machine leik whoa.

I really, really, really do not want to go in today. I've got my own shit that needs to be done not to mention that I need downtime or I will flip out on you like nobody's buisness.

I'm giving him five minutes and trying again before I get dressed and haul ass over there.

ETA: Ding, ding, ding! Bonus life! I'm going back to bed.

ETA 2: Or not so much because I have a very hard time getting to sleep when the sun is up. Oh, well. Time to go downstairs, make coffee, breakfast and watch Red Dwarf until I'm less cranky.
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Still sick. Still crabby.

Still really motherfucking cold, which I'm gonna attribute to the illness and then berate myself because I've been abnormally cold for a few days now and I should have fucking realized it was the start of something untoward.

Head's less hurty and more floaty. Neither of these are conducive to working or writing or even wanting to pick up the phone without going, "Your internet doesn't work? Fuck you! Bye." Which would likely get me fired quicker than if I set the building on fire for the sheer reason that we'd be able to cash in on the insurance and get a better building if I "accidentally" burned down my place of employ.

Oh, joy, if I talk or laugh too much my head goes all swimmy from lack of oxygen. I'm breathing. I'm not congested. Where the hell is my oxygen going? OMFG! What the hell did I do to deserve this?

Fuck you, world. Fuck you right up the ass with something sharp and pointy and covered in Icy Hot!

ETA: Red Dwarf theme song stuck in my head. That'll make me smile until it gets annoying.
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Signs of me being overstressed:

  • Headache--check
  • Visual hallucinations--check
  • Trouble concentrating on tasks--check
  • Overwhelming urge to sit under the desk, in the corner and cry--check
  • Forgetting things--check
  • Desire to scream, throw my pen across the room and ram my hand into the wall--check

Goddamn you January, hurry the fuck up and get done with it.


Jan. 13th, 2006 11:20 am
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YouSendIt is going to be the death of me.

I'm trying to upload all the individual mp3 files and the two zip files for the BtVS FST and it refuses to finish uploading anything. And I'm on high speed.

So, does anybody have, like, 550 MB of server space I can use for a month?

I'll pay you.

ETA: Well, I got it to upload one file so far. Though, really, if you have any server space to give, I will pay you and adore you forever.
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My stupid credit card company is supposed to send me an e-mail when my online statement is ready. Once they do that, I promptly hop on over there and pay it. I've been checking for it. I check my e-mail at least four times a week. The statements run from the 12th of one month to the 12th of the next. When I get the July 12th to August 12th bill, I have until the 12th of Sept. to pay it.

It's somewhat screwy, and I don't understand.

My problem is that, once again, I missed a payment due to a.) not getting the e-mail and b.) their screwy system.

Argh! Thanks for ruining my credit, you fucks. I pay everyone else on time because of automatic withdrawals.

ETA: Yes, yes, it is my own fault. I'm still allowed to be mad. ;)


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