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I took today off because, well, yay three day weekends for one. I was also planning on using today to go look at apartments because the more I talk to people the more I find out that my complex sucks. It's also way far from work and gas she is the devil. And then today I wake up and feel like utter, utter crap. Between my allergies and my stomach deciding that it doesn't like anything I've been feeding it, I don't want to go anywhere for a while. (Hopefully this clears up before the bowling plans I have with friends tonight.) So I decide to go ahead and dye my hair the dark red that I bought since the purple lasted for a long time but is now starting to look bad, and I'm getting tired of it.

Dark red is a bitch. It stains everything it comes in contact with. And I, of course, have to be more of a klutz than usual. I even put Vaseline around my hairline and neck and ears, but I bet they're all going to be stained for a bit. As are my arms and hands. Le sigh. What can you do, though? At least I'll have awesome hair for tonight.


ETA: Downloaded Firefox 3. It is way faster and has some cool add-ons. The sad is that some of my cooler add-ons no longer work. Oh wells.
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Today the other Manic Panic colors I bought arrived. This weekend: Purple Haze.

Also, meme:
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I bought the hair dye (I actually bought Ultra Violet instead of Purple Haze because no one locally has Purple Haze and I was getting sick of waiting) and the bleach. I was going to bleach it out over this last weekend, but then I remembered that glasses + bleach = bad and no sight + bleach = worse so, um, yeah. That's a no go. My friends at work want to see my hair bleached prior to my dying it.

So I either need to talk my mother into helping me bleach it or see if I can wrangle up Shai over the weekend. *bats eyelashes*
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I've been thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced. No, really, I have. I'm of the opinion that it would look good on me. Of course, I'm also of the opinion that I should Shai to help me bleach out my hair and then dye it purple. I've also been yearning for another tattoo forever. I think I'm a lot more of a punk rock kid than I've ever really let on before. And I know for a long time, I stayed to keeping "normal" hair colors and not piercing all the way up my ear and not getting more tattoos because I didn't want my grandparents to be disappointed in me. But, see, they're no longer around for me to worry about that so much, and my parents have never been that disapproving of things of that nature seeing as how they were both hippies. It's not even like my work would probably care that much (well, I may need to get back to the HSI side before doing some of the more drastic things) seeing as how one of my supervisors has tattoos on his arms, behind his ears, his finger (I don't want to know where else) has the ear plugs and a dyed black mohawk. I think I'm in the clear there.
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I am the sore from helping friends move yesterday. For now, though, I'm headed out to do some chores and go get my hair cut. I don't know what it is, but I've gotten an aversion to growing it out to fantastic lengths. Probably because it's so much easier to play with the color when it's short. Who knows.

Anyway, I'm out for a bit. I shall return to do more posting later.
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My hair needs cut and colored. The coloring, I can do as I'm thinking of making it all the dark brown of the under layer. I feel in the mood for dark color. As for a cut, I want more layers, something piecey. Maybe even with some slanted bangs. I haven't had bangs in ages. We'll see. We'll see.

After these last two weeks, I may just stay at the apartment all weekend and hide. I could probably manage to dye my hair, though. That could be doable.
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I'm going to my mother's for an Easter thing as [livejournal.com profile] timberwolfblues is at work. There shall be food and maybe a movie. Depending. I hope my aunt doesn't stay too long. Things with her around can be a tad bit uncomfortable. She is, also, a little more on the conservative side and might not appreciate my latest hair endeavor, although my mother liked it so much she wants to do something similar with her hair.

I suppose I'm being a bit bad as I went an extra length with my hair today and styled it. Kinda. I put volumizer all through it and then blew it dry with my head upside down so now it's got body and it's flipping and going in different directions. Then I went and clipped the part that would fall off my eyes back so you can see more of the dark brown under layers. Which I love so much. The color of the under layer is the color of my dad's hair when he was younger. It was, yet another, of the hair colors that I always wanted. The yen for bright red can be blamed on My So-Called Life and just picked up speed due to Pieces of April and then Jared Leto's hair in the From Yesterday 30 Seconds to Mars video.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to be a "I'm going to my mother's for Easter so I want not be back until later to work on rp posting" warning, but it has turned into something longer. Mostly, I feel, because I have been missing words. I haven't really written anything this week; I've just been reading, absorbing, storing and building them up in my fingers, heart, head and soul. I am a bubbling cauldron of words waiting to spill out later. Mmmmmm. I'm so addicted to words. I just want to feel them on my tongue, their different textures and flavors, the cold, the bite, the heat, the jagged, the smooth. Words are like anything else; they have their own texture and taste.


Have to get ready.

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New hair!

large pics under cut, dial-up beware )
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Finally home. Ended up leaving and getting my hair cut and colored. Pics to come. That took about three hours at which point I merely wandered around for a bit until Mom got home and we went to dinner together.

I'm home now and kinda exhausted. I have accomplished nothing on my RP list and that makes me feel like crap.

Because of the alignment problem on the new (for us) car, I still have to go back down to Louisville later tonight to pick [livejournal.com profile] timberwolfblues up. Not sure I can get any posting in. *sulks* Bad, bad me.
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Yesterday I had a headache all day. I woke up with it; I went to bed with it. There were perhaps a few hours reprieve broken up in a smattering of minutes over the course of the day from 10am until 1am. It was a horrible, horrible thing, especially seeing as we were in queue at work all day as well. For no apparent reason. And, gosh, that's always what pisses me off the most.

I'm torn between coloring my hair really radical colors (black and fire engine red) or holding off and trying to get a new job first.
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The hair is so getting done. I'm honestly so very psyched about it that it's hard to wait. Jim told me that one of the salon places here in town can do it for me, which would likely be best as I'm kinda nervous about the whole trying to dye my hair myself thing.

I'm thinking about doing some kind of bright red around my face and then maybe red streaks throughout my hair. Doing all of my hair would likely be expensive and rather shocking. I've also been itching for a new tattoo for awhile, but I can never figure out what I'd want to get. My basis for a tattoo is that if I don't have an idea of what I want I shouldn't go for it because there's no point in being stuck with something forever that I'm not passionate about. (Which reminds me that I still need to photo the tattoo I have to show you people.)

I might take part of Friday off and see if I can't head over to that salon and have them do my hair. I should probably call and set up an appointment with them and see what it would cost.

When I told Jim and Mitch about my high school longing (yellow hair with orange bangs) Jim just kinda gave me a look and said, "You're a punk!" I get that kinda look when I tell people about my tattoo as well because to look at me you'd likely never think that I'd be the kinda person to do anything like that.
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Working my way back to mostly human very slowly this morning.

Work has been...well, there are times I simply want to set Verizon on fire. Seems like nothing we have to do through them ever works right, and then the customer blames us. Right. Sure. Gah. Not going into it because it'll just put me in a bad mood. Needless to say, after these two weeks I will so deserve randomly punk colored hair.

Poke me if I missed something.

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[Poll #724868]
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Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] timberwolfblues and I went to the mall because I needed to buy my mother something for Mother's Day. After I purchased two tops for her, which I hope she likes because I think they'd be glorious on her, I wandered around trying to locate the boy, who bowed out of helping me clothes shop thankfully. Finally located him in Razzmatazz, which is a weird hippie t-shirt, punk store. Think Hot Topic meets, um, the 60s and you're pretty much there.

Anyway, this is getting boring. Hell, I'm boring myself, and I know where I'm going with this. Ceasing rambling, I was looking at their hair color. Not normal hair color by any means but the day-glo orange, yellow, red and then a big selection of blues, purples and darker reds. I love hair color. To death. With a burning passion. I love it. My hair was dyed almost continually throughout my high school years and then sporadically in college. But it was always fairly normal. Well, a couple of times the dark burgundy turned my hair purple but I was always going for a shade found somewhere in nature despite my silent desire to dye all my hair bring yellow with orange bangs, a dream that never came true because I'd have to bleach like whoa.

But I find myself thinking not about anything permanent but about maybe something semi-permanent. Likes red again. Red red. My So-Called Life red, which was the whole reason I actually started dying my hair in the first place. How lame does that make me? At the length my hair is now I'd need two boxes. Or maybe just one of those little bottle things from Razzmatazz.The trouble with the semi-permanents is that they rarely have the kind of colors I want. I want bright, rich red. Which is hard to get from my medium brown hair without lightening.

Ponder, ponder. Maybe I'll go to the drugstore after work and look around. I could do with a beer restocking anyway. Not that I need to spend the money, but I kinda miss the color. I've got some pretty fantastic natural highlights (in both red and blond), and I'm happier with my natural hair color now than I've been in a long while, but I kinda miss the look of something else. But I don't want it until I have to grow it out and hack it off or something. Which is why I'm thinking semi-permanent. Oh well. We'll see what happens.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments?

Most of you guys know me or have seen me or something. What do you think?


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