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The Spike channel is running a Star Trek: Voyager best episode marathon, which manages to make me happy and covetous of all seven seasons at the same time. My dormant ST:V love and P/T shipper is beginning to squee again, and, as this was one of my first OTPs, this part of me is not quiet. No, she is loud, and she insists that paying upwards of $96 dollars a season is really not all that much when compared to the joy that said seasons will bring me. She does not seem to fully appreciate the fact that the DVD player has given me the Panasonic HO2 "No Disc" error of death and must now be replaced part of the equation, either.

Instead, I simply upped the status of the ST:V discs in my Netflix queue, which I reactivated because of other news I haven't shared yet, and then dug out the handful of ST:V novels that I own (shut up, [livejournal.com profile] tsylyst you have DS9 ones) and read through those while "Year of Hell" was playing. (I have "Day of Honor" in novelalization form, and I simply had to relive the moment when Paris and Torres were floating in space and about to die from lack of air and she confessed that she loved him. I'm a sucker that way. Shut up. Being a hopeless romantic will ruin my self-professed image of being a bad-ass.)

Any-way, my father came down and dumped a bunch of stuff off at my apartment today. Christmas stuff, boxes of books, etc. Some of it was stuff that I wanted. Some of it I will be throwing away. Other items that I wanted appear to be nowhere. Fun times. Oh, well, I guess that stuff wasn't that important, and we totally have more junk than we have stuff to do with as it is.

Busy Busy

Oct. 5th, 2006 12:27 am
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Things Accomplished Today:

  • new checking account
  • new job orientation
  • drug test
  • assembled [livejournal.com profile] timberwolfblues' computer desk
  • microwave
  • bakeware
  • knives
  • cable/internet installed
  • unpacking

For Tomorrow:

  • washer/dryer delivery
  • laundry
  • unpacking
  • BMV
  • auto/rent insurance
  • find post office/UPS drop off

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Time to shut Gir down and pack him up so we can knock down the desk.

I'm hoping to get internet at the apartment this week. I'll make voice posts to update on the situation.
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I move tomorrow. I'm going to try and post some more today before we take the desk down but no promises on getting everything done.

And quiz )
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Address changes:

  • Paypal
  • Capital One
  • Yourmusic.com
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Netflix
  • Bank
  • Cingular
  • UE Alumni info (not terribly important)
  • DC
  • license stuff (will need to go to the license branch in New Albany to do all that pertinent car stuff)
  • job (will do that on the 3rd when I go in for the prelim orientation)
  • USPS mail forwarding

Hmmmm...*think think* I wonder if I missed anything.


  • new car insurance
  • renter's insurance
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Good news for my RPs: I am out of boxes. This means that I cannot pack tonight like I did last night so hopefully I can get some posting done once I get home because the pages of topo maps are still staring at me at work, and I still need to work on the manual, which I am beginning to think is not going to get updated to my satisfaction before I leave. Oddly enough, this does not bother me that much.

Poke if I missed something.

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So I was gonna tell my dad this morning, but he ended up going off to god knows where. I had to get to work and could not wait to see when he'd be back.

I left a note. Putting things in writing has always made me more comfortable. He hasn't called work yelling yet. I guess that's a good sign.

One week until I move. One week and two days until my birthday.

ETA: Dad just called to tell me that he had assumed as much. *head desks* See? See. Little deal blown way out of proportion. Wow.

I'm just gonna be under my desk.

God, I'm an idiot.
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I move in a week.

A week.

And here's the rp list again. Slowly trying to work through it. Poke me if I forgot something.

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I have a problem. Aside from the "OMG, moving in a little over a week must pack up my entire life" thing. My father knows I'm moving. He does not, however, know that I'm moving in with [livejournal.com profile] timberwolfblues because I am a coward. Each day I have tried to work myself up to it and each day I back down, tuck my tail between my legs and scamper off. It's not that he doesn't like the boy because he does. I'm just afraid Dad would think I was making a mistake or get one of those looks or say something stupid and then I'll cry and feel horrible about myself and about everything.

Mom knows. Mom doesn't care. Hell, Mom suggested it.

The problem is telling my father.

Any suggestions? Or, um, anyone want to tell him for me?


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