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I've had a cold for over a week. We hate each other. It's official. Blarg.
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I've had a cold for over a week. We hate each other. It's official. Blarg.
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Should be at work but I haven't been feeling well all day. So I called in, which is shite to do on the second week but I honestly wouldn't have been much good at work, and it's not like I plan to do this often or anything. For me to admit to feeling bad, you know it must be real.

Boy got green time so he was home early. We've been watching [i]Buffy[/i] while I drink tea in the hopes of feeling better.
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Whatever I ate that got offended so horribly by the fact that I ate it that it decided to kick my ass, I would like to take this moment to seek penance and beg its forgiveness.

Because this sucks.
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I feel like I might hurl, which may mean I need to eat something.

The weather's getting bad regardless so I'm gonna head downstairs, pick around at some food, drink tea, watch TV and pray to god that if a tornado comes and kills me, I go quick.

I still owe on RP stuff. I'm sorry. I may not get to it this weekend as I haven't seen the bf for a while, and I miss him.

Sick Update

Feb. 2nd, 2006 06:17 pm
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O-kay. Lesson for self: Zicam should only be taken once a day. With food.

I took it before I came to work. Got to work (Lord know how I drove without dying) and I feel spacey. Not just head floaty but staring at my screen and blinking for two minutes spacey. Also, my skin was crawling. And I could feel the blood rush out of my heart with each pump.

Yeah, methinks medicine should not make me feel like some horrific science experiment. We're sticking to Zicam in the morning and Sudafed at night so I don't die from lack of oxygen.

In other news, doing crap here at work tonight because, well, sick. If Craig doesn't like it, he can shove it.
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Drove to work after taking my Zicam.

Head feels all floaty, but I can breathe and swallow and talk so that's something.

Even if I do feel light-headed, dizzy and I'm slow and forgetting things.

Hmmm...the driving was probably a bad idea.
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Took the morning off from work.

Gonna go in between 3 and 4pm so I can work the night shift.

Yesterday was just so very bad. I don't feel as ill as I could, but it's likely gonna get worse if I don't let myself rest. At least a little. And, yes, I have all of tomorrow off, but I just can't stomach the thought of being at work for nine hours today.

I'm not tired. Maybe a nice, hot bath.
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Still sick. Still crabby.

Still really motherfucking cold, which I'm gonna attribute to the illness and then berate myself because I've been abnormally cold for a few days now and I should have fucking realized it was the start of something untoward.

Head's less hurty and more floaty. Neither of these are conducive to working or writing or even wanting to pick up the phone without going, "Your internet doesn't work? Fuck you! Bye." Which would likely get me fired quicker than if I set the building on fire for the sheer reason that we'd be able to cash in on the insurance and get a better building if I "accidentally" burned down my place of employ.

Oh, joy, if I talk or laugh too much my head goes all swimmy from lack of oxygen. I'm breathing. I'm not congested. Where the hell is my oxygen going? OMFG! What the hell did I do to deserve this?

Fuck you, world. Fuck you right up the ass with something sharp and pointy and covered in Icy Hot!

ETA: Red Dwarf theme song stuck in my head. That'll make me smile until it gets annoying.


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