Apr. 24th, 2012

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Just a few days ago I finished reading the Children's Crusade crossover story on my Kindle. Despite being a Books of Magic reader (via TPB years after it was published), I had never actually heard of this story arc. I knew nothing about it until I was reading a website that had an article about some of the top story arcs not collected in TPB form. As a side note a lot of them were DC. That's understandable as DC has been pretty notorious about making things hard to get. They're improving, though. Not only when it comes to releasing things as TPBs but also with digital. This is very off topic, but I just bought all of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run digitally through comiXology for 99 cents as issue. It's a great price considering the cost of the TPBs. It also means that at some point I'm going to be talking about Swamp Thing here in more depth than what I'm going to hit at in this entry.

Anyway we're going back to the topic of the entry now. I just sort of wanted to lambaste and extol DC in the same paragraph because that's fun for me. It's also going to be the theme of this entry so everything sort of works together in ways that I had not originally foreseen or planned. Bad me for not doing that on purpose, but I just very recently finished a rather large cup of coffee so it makes me a little spastic.

The Children's Crusade story arc was a Vertigo crossover, which might mark the first and only one of its kind. It was presented in Children's Crusade #1, Black Orchid Annual #1, Animal Man Annual #1, Swamp Thing Annual #7, Doom Patrol Annual #2, Arcana Annual #1, and Children's Crusade #2. As previously stated it's not available as a TPB or at least it wasn't when the article I was reading was written. (For those of you interested in these sorts of things, the article in question is here.

Children's Crusade *possible spoilers* )


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